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This is the place to come to read some of the e-mails that our visitors have sent in.

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       As usual, you give me a new way to think about things.

Both the Thai and US Governments say Thai women just want to go to America. I met many Thai women in the US that said they married for love and didn't want to be there - America is too far from family and is always cold. My first wife didn't want to go. We argued many times, so I said 'go or divorce' and she went. She eventually adjusted to the temperature and the lifestyle. My current wife doesn't want to go. In fact she doesn't want a passport, but I want to take the family to visit Europe, Africa and India.

A little over 2 years ago, some friends and I visited a beer bar in Pattaya, every night for a week. We ate many meals with them. Nine women, between the ages of 22 and 38, worked there. They all lived upstairs. Two were cashiers and never went out, the rest were greeters. One was the wife of the owner and she often went out, but only for a lot of money - her husband was always crying about her going out. Three refused to go out on 'dates'. I saw a dozen men ask and they all said no, again and again.

I asked one of the who wouldn't date, how much it would cost to go out and she got very mad at me. She said she wouldn't go out and didn't sell sex. For a second, I thought she was going to hit me. I apologized and she got quiet, but wouldn't talk to me any more. The last three were the oldest and went out often. Sometimes they would tell stories about the men they went with. The only money I ever saw exchanged was the 'bar fee' of 200 Baht paid to the owner (half to the girl) to compensate for the girl not working that night.

Between what the bar paid and tips paid by customers, the girls who didn't go out made from 500 to 1000 Baht a night - very good pay.

On the third day we visited, the women were all refusing our tips, often bought the food and sometimes gave us 'free' drinks. We all knew that didn't make very much money, so always argued to let us pay. American women are cold hearted and want men to pay for everything. They never joke around with men as friends. If they agree to sex, they want something first (dinner, movie, jewelry). Thai women actually like men and treat them very well. Perception is the key. American men see Thai women as being nice, friendly, helpful and loving.


We make each other think and that's great.

Most Thai women get married to a foreigner for love but I think it's also for the money, so it's a combination of both. It's probably love during the early stage of their marriage but sooner rather than later, they will divorce their man and go back to Thailand because they miss their family, argue constantly with their man, miss the Thai way of life, or for other reasons. It happens time and again with Thai women.

Lao women are alittle different. When they get married to a foreigner and leave Laos, they rarely return back to live except for holidays. Even if they divorce, they often start a new life with somebody else in that foreign country. Relationships with a Lao women tend to be more stable and they give more second chances to their man than what Thai women will do.

A salary between 500 - 1000 baht a night is not bad for not going out, some girls make that much for going out to get laid. Thai women are friendly, loving, polite and always smiling but that is often fake because they are pretending to be nice. They have many problems in life and they are just hiding behind that smile.


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