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Lao people seem to be so hard headed when it comes to history. So what Thai stole your land. Before it wasn't yours it belong to us. You don't see Khmer crying about it do you? Fa Ngum got the land from the Thai king anyway. We lost our land to them and then you took it from them. Then they take it back and you saying they stole your land? That doesn't make sense at all. Land doesn't belong to Laos it don't have Laos written on it. Who ever powerful enough take all. Look at Native American the Red Indians they lost their land to the white Americans. And they living together peacefully. And those Indian were treated ten times horrible then you Lao and they don't cry about it. Lao people all they do is cry and can't do anything about it.

And what you mean Lao never take other people land? Was Isaan Lao to begin with? It was ours Champassak was ours even if you deny it Vientiane was ours to even northern Thailand was ours. Just because now they speak Lao doesn't mean it's Laos. Look at central Thai they speak Thai but half of them are Us same with Laos too.

You said Lao people dont have good relation with Thais because they burnt down your city, Kill your Kings, use you guys as slaves. Enough said right there show that Lao people are not smart people. Smart people would move on by now. One thing these generation weren't even born to witness anything. Why live in the past what does that get you? I see why Laos is so rich right now hmmm. It was your King fault anyway Anouvong is no hero. He is a power hungry freak. He didn't want to liberate Laos he wanted power but he use liberate as an excuse. But sadly he got his butt woop. And one thing he is mix Viet he not even 100% Lao.

And I said it alot time. Lao people are not the only human who got use as slaves give it up. Everyone got use as slaves in their history. Khmer use Khmer as slaves and look we gotten over it and trying to prevent it from happening again. But instead you Lao keep bringing it up and probably want it to repeat huh that's why you never seem to forget it and try to stop it from happening again. Your people want to be slaves again?

To me no hard feeling but I don't think Luang Prabang is pretty. It's small and I can walk around there in 1hr and I am done. Thai people go there to see what you guys have not because they are into your city. Everyone go tour other people country to see what they have and how it's like not because they love it. And New York isn't safer then Thailand. Gangs are in every corner. I know your going to say Thailand too. In New York you go into Spanish area China Town you walk out there without running into a gang then your lucky. Especially China Town they kill your ass even by looking at them.

Westerner don't get beat up by gangs in Thailand not because they are bigger. Height got nothing to do with it. Gangs aren't scared of nothing why you think they are gangs to be woos? No they are gangs because they don't give s*** about no one not even western people. If they wanted to attack they would like 20 westerner can stop them. Look at Columbia Brazil alot tourist goes there at once 20 of them and how come they get kidnap all at once and had to stay in the jungle with those gangster? You think gangs are scared of western your joking.

Look at Phillipine their gangs abduct 30 Americans from their hotel. And wanted the Americans to bail them out for millions of dollars. You think Thailand not safe? You don't know this world then. You see any news about Americans or anyone being abducted in Thailand and ask the goverment to bail them out? Never heard of it it only happen in Indonesia, Phillipine, Columbia & Brazil, south america and North Korea.

And no westerner and their family have ever said they been dissapointed going to Thailand. They say that about Laos. They say Laos is boring and have nowhere to go. Most of Tourist in Laos aren't western. They are mostly Thai and Chinese. I think the people did change from 1900 to now. They talk different. Thai people in Bangkok now don't talk polite to people like during 1900. Now is always GOO MUENG 1900 guys call themself Deechun goo mueng only kings say it because they are the high one. And girls talk to guys is consider bad back then now girls ask guys out. I believe their society changed alot from then to now. Beside the village people they are the good one. They still know their manners and tradition. Thai in Bangkok now aren't Thai they are Thai in citizenship but not in attitude their attitude now is Farang.

You said Laos never ruled Thailand because. You guys are not Thieves and dont steal other people land. What you call the land you have now its not yours its ours Khmer. Your people are thieves. You compliment your people to much and then you get caught and then you find other way to cover Lao people up to make them look not good but great. If Lao people are so good I think all Asian wouldn't worship the buddha we will worship Lao people since they are good the best in this world.

Lao never ruled Thailand because Laos couldn't beat Thailand in any war. The only time Laos had a chance was when Fa Ngum got help from Khmer. If Laos don't have back up Laos don't stand a chance against anyone. If you say Laos never attack anyone then what do you call the war between Setha dad Pothisarat he attack Ayutthaya and failed. Ever since then Thai and Lao been at war for 200 years it all started with Phothisarat. You said Thai kill your king. Who king haven't been kill in this world? I very feel pity for you Lao people cry over stuff that happen years years ago. Our retarded king got his dark Khmer ass kill alot time. By the Thais, Viet, Burmans even by our own Khmer people.

Thai Kings got kill by the Burmans their people got taken away become slaves. Thai girls got rape by Burman soilders. And look at Thailand now wealthy building their city their money is good tourist like them. They are not call land of smile for nothing. Lao people say they are bad because of your history with them. But Farang and Chinese Japanese like them because they been having good relationship. Look at Japs and Chinese bad relation Chinese say Japs sodiers rape their women and Japs are bad.

That sound like what you Lao are saying about the Thais. Once bad relationship you always hate them and say stuff about them even though it's past and long ago. People who forget are the wealthy one like Japan forget world war 2 Thailand forget the sacking of Ayutthaya by the Burmans. Laos still stuck in the cave man age that's why Laos is poor, bad money bad economy bad everything. Thailand got bomb during world war 2 and they fix up Bangkok pretty fast and rebuild it and now their economy is good not great but good. Why you think we Khmer are trying to refresh our relationship with them we go in their country and sell stuff and their government help us out. The past is the past who cares.

I know what Thai did to Khmer but what can we do about it nothing. All we can do is try to stop it from repeating again not sit thereand wine and cry about the past like Lao people. That's all Lao people do is talk wine nag brag. Brag about the car they brought new brag about their house they brought new nag about this that. You don't call that big head? And you say Thai are big head? Lao people in America are bigger head then Thai they leave Laos have everything here stuff they never had in Laos and they act like they are the King of the world. Their family call beg for money from Laos and they nag to them about it. They are wealthy so they forget how poor they were in Laos and treat their own family as nothing. You call that good? You say some Lao are like that you haven't seen nothing yet.

Lao people in Laos maybe not act like that because they got nothing to brag about how many Lao in Laos drive BMW or Lexus or honda they mostly drive motor bikes. You drive motor bikes here and the Lao community will look at you like your lower than dirt. Except the fact that your people are not good. Just in Laos because they are not modern they have no freedom to speak or say what they like. Let them watch what they want and see how they turn out to be. This everything they watch is under government control. Can they watch American movie or pop song or American rap? No government ban it all they even ban Lao pop music and some rock music. Bounleung my friend from online he sing rock in Laos about to have album out he pic for the cover and the government stop him from selling it. Because is rock is American style. Laos is old fashion government that's why your people isn't westernize like other asian country. Other country see and watch what they please that's why they pick up influence.

Lao got no influence their influence is communist and Lao stuff only because government don't allow western stuff in. If Laos had government like Japan or Thailand Lao girls and guys will be westernize and screw up too. Most girls in Vienchan are already there some have baby but no father. I know cause I have online friends from Laos. I like talking to anyone but if someone cover up and make their own people sound too great I think it's lame and wack those kind of people don't get out much and will never get along with anyone beside their own kind. And those kind of person could even start a war. AHEM! AHEM! There alot Lao out their who admit Laos is screw up in Viengchan and some who cover up. But people who go back to visit know better then anyone how those club girls and restaurant girls are like. Innocent in Music video but not in real life. You say Thai lie to make themself look innocent that same goes for Laos. Innocent in music video real life girls jump on you at the restaurant tank top high shorts to the butt red white hair. Thai look innocent in their movie and music video too but I know how them city Bangkok girls are. But at least Thai people admit their society has change. Not like Lao people never admit it they still think their girls are keeping the tradition alive.

Thai movie stars from back then during 1957 got interview I watch it on Thai sattelite. His name is Sombat Matinee he said Thai movie stars during his age are more mature and calm them movie stars now. Even he admit how it change from 1957 to 2005. People back then are nicer then right now. Back then Thailand you can walk around Bangkok without getting wallet taken away. It started during the refugee age when these thieves started doing it. Who know it could be the refugee people or even Isaan people. Bangkok mix of everything who know who is who. Those thieves look Isaan anyway to me small eye but dark skin and short. Thai people have round eye not small eye. When I see Isaan speak Thai I know they are Isaan because they can't get the real Thai accent out. Same goes for Lao. But if they don't talk I can't tell who is who.

You say Thai are dark. I agree some are dark and some are light. I see alot Lao dak dam too. Skinny short and dark. You want to know why Isaan guys are never hero in Thai movies. Because they are too damn short. They hardly even reach 5'6. Most of Thai hero are from the south and Central. And the hero guys are tall some them reach 6'5 like Au Nuawapon he is 6'5. Lao mens and Isaan hardly barely reach 5'8. It show who more healthier between the 2 brothers. Hong Kong movie star are tall too when they make movie with Thai star the guys are about the same height. Hong Kong star is from 5'10 to 6'5 as well. Like Ekin Cheng my Fave Hong Kong actor he is 5'11.

People get kidnapped in Thailand you can't blame the liars. You gotta blame the stupid girls for believing. They are big as a damn water buffalo and they get trick? Their mom never teach them not to talk to stranger or go with strangers? Lao girls get trick it's their own fault they are stupid to believe someone they never met. And one thing it's their own people who trick them. Like Isaan people how can you get trick unless it's the same lady or guy from your village who trick you. That's how it work. Bangkok mens don't come to Isaan and say hey I got a job for you. Its their own people Isaan people trick their own people to working. And what you call that guy from Bokeo selling his daughter for a set of TV aren't they way stupid then anything? Lao people are good eh? So good that they sell their kids for set of TV.

I know it happen in Thailand too don't say it I know what you say. When I say something about Laos you cover it up and say Thailand is worst. That's a kind of talk from someone who is arrogant and very obsess with his people. I am not being mean to you but that's what your doing right now is cover up everything about Laos when everyone know Lao people aren't good themself. Lao in America mess up, Lao in Europe mess up, Vienchan girls are mess up.

I see them Viengchan girls act just like American girls dress tank top the same to dye their hair red white I see it. They are only innocent in music video dress in Lao clothes but the real deal is them real Vieng girls are wild like hell. Good girls dance at club? Even though Lao clubs are different it's still a club. Girls shouldn't even be dancing, good girls are shy.

I am happy I got pay from my job ahhhhhh. $$$$ Even I am a money crazy freak dude. I am big head sometime too there I admit. Who isn't. I get pay every week now I can sleep tight and dream of more $$$$$$. Because I been lay off for so long ahhhhhhhhh. There are 55555555 million people in this world. And 99% of all of them were slaves and got kill or treated wrong get over it and maybe Laos will be rich someday. How can you get anywhere when your living and thinking about the past. Take JAPAN AND THAILAND for example look how they become they forgot about world war 2 and the past history war with China Japan Thailand & Burma.

We Khmer are moving forward too, I will laugh if we become rich then Laos. Because our people died the most during the Vietnam war. And Laos hardly even die much. Our war was more bad that's why we are very poor. Laos hardly suffer Viengchan didn't even get attack Panom Pehn got the worst of it all. And we are moving on. Laos war wasn't bad and Laos haven't gotten anywhere, ours was worst and we are almost modernized. All we need to do is eliminate Hun Sen that Viet Puppet jack ass he sucks. He put down fake news about Thai actress saying Angkor was Thai and we Khmer believe and attack the Thais in Cambodia. And at the end we were the stupid one not the Thais.

Hun Sen got to go he trying to stir up stuff again between Khmer and Thai. We thought we were the right one when we attack the business own by Thais but at the end we became the stupid humiliated one. We attack for nothing now the Thai will laugh at us even more because of our stupidity. HISTORY PLEASE! I LIKE HISTORY!


Screw all you people talking s*** about Lao people. When I have time I will break it down to all you guys. I am a historian that work with UNESCO and I will prove my Lao history right. All you Thai that claim Issan had always been in Siamese teritory will be embarrassed by me.

All you Khmer that thinks you own the land of Souvannapoumi will be embarrassed by me. I have proof and evidence in all time period of which land belongs to who. Thai history is full of s***. The Siamese burnt almost all the Lao history in Lanna and Lanxang.

I will be here tomorrow to check all everybody's history. You know UNESCO has proven bone and unearth facts of history. All the Thai that claim the French rewrote history should be ashamed of themselves. Thai rewrote history after they burnt Lao history.

Khmer people that makes fun of Lao I will straight you guys out. You guys are not the first inhabitant of Souvannapoumi. I will tell you the history way before the time of the buddha stepping foot on Souvannapoumi.


To the Thai or Khmer. You think your better than Lao people. I'm gonna break it down to you. I think it's you that said Khmer beat the Lao in a war and took them as slave to central Thailand, Sayam Ayutthaya. First off all UNESCO declare Luang Prabang a world heritage site because it is the center of the Tai world. UNESCO has evidence that the Tai which is the Ai-Lao people started rushing out from Dien bien fu conquering Khmer land. We took you as slaves. The year 729 king Piloko of Nanchao came into power. He is Khun Borom. The seven son of Borom defeat and took many Khmer lands also taking Khmer as slaves.

You did not beat us but got your ass woop. During the time of Borom Nanchao expanded vastly. Borom had good relation with the chins. He was back up by the chin to conquer land. Dien bien fu was called muang Thean not Theng. The word Theng is a pronounciation from the Shan state. That's how they say Thaen. The word Thaen is our religion. The religion is called sasan thaen. It is spirit worshipping still practice in Laos and Thailand besides buddhism. Nanchao is also called Anajak Thaenfa meaning the heaven. Also the name from the capital is Nong sair.

The Khmer empire at the time Khun Borom (Piloko) came into power reaches northern Thailand. The king of Yonok went to fight the Viet. The Viet then asked Khun Lor the son of Borom for help. The reason is because some of the Viet territory was under the power of Nanchao. After the Khmer fought muang Puan they went to fight muang Man (Muang Thaen). Khun Lor came out to fight the Khmer and killed the Khmer ruler. The rest of the Khmer retreated to muang Swa (you Khmer called it Java because java from the sea once control some of jenla empire). Swa is now called Luang Prabang. Most Khmer at Swa then got scared regroup at Nandaburi (muang Nan in Thailand) and Chantaburi (Vieng Chan Laos).

Khun Lor then came down and took over muang Swa from the Khmer that was left. Some of the Khmer that couldn't leave fast enough got pushed up hill. The one that was there got taken as slaves. That's why we call you guys khon ka, it means slave people. Once Khun Lor took muang Swa he then pronounced himself to be the Khun of Swa. He then change the name of the city to Jieng dong Jieng thong. After this war many of the Ai Lao people from muang Thaen and the whole Nanchao started moving south taking over. The other sons of Borom started taken over more lands from the Khmer. One of the sons of Borom name Khun En went south taking over Lawo Kingdom. He took over Ayutthaya. See we woop your monkey ass back then.

Back then the central Thai people called Saym aren't even born yet. From the book THAILAND A SHORT HISTORY by David Wyatts research the central Thai are Khmer decent Tai. The word Thai came from the word Tai. In the year 729 there was no such thing as Tai people. All of us called ourselves as Ai Lao people meaning The Stars. We didn't call ourselves Tai until Nanchao was almost destroyed. All the Tai people were called Ai lao or just Lao at the time. The Ai Lao people that went south with Khun En conquered the Mon Khmer people in that area. The Ai Lao people took them as slaves. Those Ai Lao or Lao for short people are the ancestor of the central Thai people.

Many years after the time of Khun Lor and Khun Borom the Khmer empire rose again. The Khmer rose and took the land of Ayutthaya back from the Ai Lao. The Khmer then took the Ai Lao as slaves. Those Lao people there are the ancestor of the Thai. So you guys took the central Thai as slaves not all of Lan Xang area.

The word Tai is made in Nanchao. the word Tai now pronounced Thai has many meaning. Tai is in the spirit of the high mountains. Tai as in free. Tai as in the religion sasan thaen of the Ai Lao. Tai refers to spirit of the heaven from muang MAN THAEN FA. The kingdom of Nanchao or Nongsair is also called anajak THAENFA. Tai from the religion thaen. Tai are the Ai Lao people from the land of Thaen Fa Nanchao. Tai are the spirit the Ai Lao or Lao for short worship. Tai is referring to our freedom from the Chin and Mongol. That is why we Ai Lao (Lao) people call ourselves Tai. So when you Khmer said you took slaves from muang Thaen, your history is full of s***. The tai people (which is what the lao called ourselves after Nanchao got destroyed which is the second group of Ai Lao) that you Khmer took as slaves are central Thai not Lao of Lan Xang.

The word Syam or Sayam or Siam. Syampobura or sampobura is a old capital of the Khmer before Angkor Kingdom. The city Syampobura is in Champassak at Wat phu. Wat phu is called Syampobura. This infomation is from the history book JAYAVARAN the 7 and also UNESCO discovery at the site. The Ai Lao (Lao for short) slaves that were taken in Ayutthaya was due to Khmer power rerising again. Syampobura had power all the way to Ayutthaya. That's why the central Thai is called khon Syam meaning Syam people. Remember Java once fought and control Jenla before the kingdom of Angkor rises. When the Khmer power rosed again taking control of all the Ai Lao people in southeast asia they took the Ai Lao people in Lawo area as slaves. those are central Thai not the people in Laos.

Nanchao got destroyed by Mongols. The second waves of big group of Ai Lao started migrating down south. This second group called themselves Tai. The reason is not sure. It could be because the word meaning free. It could be because the Ai Lao are from Anajak Thaenfa Nanchao. Meaning the people are of the Thaen religion as in Tai. Well this second waves gave adding to the first group gave the Ai Lao people power. The Ai Lao then rosed against the Mon-Khmer The Ai Lao destroyed the Khmer power then called the Kingdom Sukothaya now called sukothai. This kingdom speaks the same as the modern day Lao people of Vieng Chan (from the book THAILAND A SHORT HISTORY BY DAVID WYATT) The kingdom of Sukothai speaks like the people of modern day Laos. The script of Sukothai evolve from Khmer and is still using in Laos called the Lao script. If you get any original Sukothai script to a Lao, a Lao person will be able to read it with no problem and understand it as the way they talk in Vieng Chan today.

Fa Ngum only got 5 to 10 thousand soldiers from the Khmer court. He was given an army by the Khmer court. He didn't have any help besides that army. After Sukothai decline in power Ayutthaya took some of the land including isaan area. Fa Ngum was given an army by Khmer court because the Khmer was scared to Ayutthaya. The Khmer court was afraid that Ayutthaya of the Ai Lao was taking land from Khmer and afraid that Khmer identity would be wiped out. That was the reason why Fa Ngum was given an army also because Fa Ngum married their daughter. You see there were no more help from Khmer besides that. Khmer was going to take over the whole Ayutthaya empire but Outhong came begging not to fight. Outhong of Ayutthaya paid taxes to Fa Ngum and said they were both descent of Khun Borom. That's why Fa Ngum spared Ayutthaya and only took Isaan from Outhong. At the time Lao and Thai are still the same people. This is the beginning of Lao Lan Xang identity.

Northern Thailand and North eastern Thailand are the Lao people. When the country was built Lao occupied all those area. Lao are mixed with Khmer from the habitant before us. You Khmer needs to stop talking s*** cause I see more Khmer always nagging about how Thai took their land in southern Isaan. I am tired now I will be back next time to regulate on people talking s*** about Lao. I will make it clear about the territory and history with proof. To all the Thai, Siamese did not take over Vieng Chan until the break up of Lan Xang. European has proof of territory back from the 1500's. Many from portugese that were in Syam. I also work for many U.S organization on Tai studies.


This is to historian wanna be. You don't think that I don't know that we Khmer lost our land? I been knowing and I been saying Luang Prabang (Muang Swa) was ours but you stole it include Vieng Chan. Yeah we got our monkey ass woop your point? You got your monkey ass woop by the Mongols and Chinese and in 1700th by the new era of Thais Rattanakosin period. Everyone gets their butt woop not now or later. Your never powerful through out the years.

Let me see, Burma woops Thai ass. Thai then woop them back. Khmer woop Chams ass. Vietnam woop our ass. We woop the Mons ass, Thai woop the Malaysian ass. Japan woop China ass world war 2. Mongol woop China ass in ancient times. Lao got woop by almost everyone. Burma woop Lao alot times. Aren't we all related by now? Every time someone gets woop they take those people as slaves. So Khmer Lao Thai Burma gotta be related by now because of all those slaves. During 1800 Thai woop everyone ass. They took Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Burma and even part of Yunnan. How they become so powerful so fast right after they got sacked by Burma in Ayutthaya. Must be smart and have alot of warlord to do that.

So what's your point with history. You don't want us to cry about you taking our land. Then why are you crying Thai took Isaan and half of your people to become slaves? Who the cry baby around here? It isn't us, I don't cry I just talk about history. Lao people wine wine wine about it like every breath they take is Thai took our land. We should jump in and have a say in this because we're the native people around there.


My point is that you said Khmer took Lao as slaves from muang Thaen (Dien bien fu). Khmer never took us slaves from there because we woop your monkey ass. You Khmer took the Lao as slaves after we occupied Lawo area. The Lao there are now called central Thai. That means you guys took the central Thai as slaves. You also said we got back up from Khmer and that was the only reason why Fa Ngum beated Outhong of Ayutthaya. You call 5,000 to 10,000 a back up. The Khmer court was afraid of getting their identity wiped out that's why they had Fa Ngum solved their problem.

Now to the Thai dude that said Isaan been part of Siam since the 1600 hundreds. You better check yourself and do more research. Like this Khmer said Siam only won the war with Vieng Chan cause Luang Prabang helped them. That's during the time king Taksin was in power. Anouvong lost the war to Siam because the Siamese had more weapons, guns and man power from the British. Many of the Lao also fought against Anouvong sided with the Siamese, that is why we lost to you Siamese. If there were unity within the Lao we would have won the war. What Jao Noy Muang Puan of Xieng Khuang did to Jao Anouvong brought a course to the whole northern Lao. Aa a result of Jao Noy Muang Puans betraying the Lao he got killed by the Viet. His people from the Puan state also got taken as slaves.

To the Khmer, you said that if isaan should be returned it should be returned to the Khmer. We modern day Lao are the Khmer. All of us Lao are mixed with Khmer. How you think we started our country. If it was just the people from china we wouldn't have enough to make a country. People don't just fall from the sky you know. All the local Khmer have mixed in to make the modern day Lao people and the modern day culture of Laos.The southern morlum is of Khmer. Since we all have Khmer blood we have the right to the ownership of the land by blood from our Khmer ancestor. Isaan is our by right of our Khmer bloodline.


Thai in Thailand mistreats every other nationals that works in Thailand. Siamese are evil. Thai misreat Khmer, Thai mistreat Lao, Thai mistreat Burmans, Thai mistreats Malaysian. I hope your kingdom fall quick. I hope the Malaysian Thai get their feedom and independence. I hope the Khmer and Lao get their land back. You evil Thai. Thai disrespect Khmer from giving them the name Kamen which means stinky slaves. Their names Khmer Lao called Them Kom. Thai disrespect them and call them Khmer men padong meaning the stinky Khmer of of the jungle. Screw all you Thai people. You Thai people need to stop claiming everything that is not yours. Thai claim Thai dances and cultures are Thai but it belongs to Khmer. You Thai people are fake. Thai people can kiss my ass. You Thai people make up your own history after burning everybody elses history.

Every thing that were found at Ban Chieng points out the people in the past are the same people of Isaan. So books written that Thai were always there in southeast asia. If the evidence of Ban Chieng are the same as Isaan people then why do central Thai discriminate on Isaan for a very long time. You guys are saying that thai was always there. The reason why the people at Ban Chieng 4,000 years ago are the same as Isaan is because when the Lao, the Ai Lao came down they mixed with the Khmer. The original people in that area never left they became part of the Lao.

The kingdom of Srikotabong or Srikotaboon stretches all the way to modern day Vieng Chan of Laos. During that time ancient Chinese historians came to the kingdom documenting everything that could be recorded. The Chinese historian then send it back to south China. During that time Chinese from south China had taken Khmer as a guess to south China to display Khmer music and custom. Khmer music, Khmer custom, Khmer daily life had influence people in China for a very long time. Thai people need to stop claiming things that is not theirs and tell the truth about history. The big debate about Thai origins came out of Ban Chieng. Thai say they always been there because of the similarity of Ban Chieng to Isaan people but why they discriminate on Isaan folks if the Ban Chieng evidence points out to Isaan folks.


Lao people are just as bad. Look at your comment, your saying stuff on your own side. Lao land is stolen as well it's not even yours. Lao people don't except the fact that Lao land is Khmer land. Lao people call Khmer names too. Kamane came from Lao people in the beginning, Lao people even call our family the Kha tribes Kha which means slaves. How good is your Lao people? Just as pathetic as any other race.

Lao people treat others like s*** as well. Lao people have names for everyone. Calling them Kha when their name isn't even Kha. That's disrespectful too. Lao people claim Isaan territory is Lao when it's Khmer from the beginning. Lao claim Luang Prabang is Lao when it's Kha dominate there for years. Lao culture as well stolen from Khmer. The Rama story the Padeang Nang Ai story the Bajieng Nang Marong story all stolen from Khmer legends. I can say Lao and Thai can kiss my dark Khmer ass. Both of you can go to hell. Your language is even stolen from Khmer when you use to speak more like Chinese. Lao and Thai don't have a land and don't have a race. Your ancester Mongolian like it or not.

Muslim down south isn't bombing people for their freedom. Their doing it to scare the buddhist and kill all buddhist. They just using the word freedom as an excuse to kill more buddhist. And Thai need to give the land back to Khmer is true but give it back to you selfish Lao? Not in a million years. Because Isaan Central North is all Khmer land. Not one piece of land is Lao. Lao need to give our land back as well from Muang Swa to Attapue. Which leaves you with no land at all. All you need to do is go back to China.

Thai mistreat Lao and everyone else? Who think loan money to your poor ass country. And who open business there. Who pay for the Nam Ngum dam? Who pay for the railroad that's being built? Thai didn't pay for all of it but at least they still pay more then Laos ever will. Who country Lao people keep sneeking in to work? Lao people get treated bad because they make themself get treated bad. If you go work without sneeking in and cross the border like everyone else, you get a fair and good job. You sneek in and you work for someone you don't know your ass will get beaten to death and no one will know. That's everywhere in this world. Look how bad the Chinese treat the Japanese business mens in China. Factory worker in America if your Asian or anything that's not White American you get treated bad. Everyone is an asshole in this world. I don't see Lao people any special then anyone else.

I hate Lao people for alot reason. I name 2 for now. 1 you always think your people is good like all of them when their so mess up in everyone country America & France to name a few and they can't even speak their own language that's ashame. 2 Lao people claim everything is theirs when you keep saying Thai do I think both of you like to claim. Why don't you just claim the buddha is Lao himself. You don't know why your neighbor in South East Asia look past Laos and don't like you. Your stupid all you do is talk but can't back it up.

Cambodia had the worst war in South East Asia. At least we shut up and try to move on and make our lives better. Not talk so much that no one even care. Look at America they used to be part of England colony but they rebel and got their Independence. You see the English wine and claim or even mention that America was an English colony? That's why their rich and wealthy not poor and talk too much like Lao people. Pakistan was once an Indian territory but they lost it and they don't bring it back and talk about it.

Lao people is the stupiest people on earth. All you do is bring back the past and don't know how to move on. How bad did Burma treated Thais and burn down their kingdom Thais move on and their wealthier than Laos will ever reach. Thai treat Burma bad that I don't care Burmans aren't nice to anyone. You never hear what they do to the Tai Yai tribes? They throw little babies in the fire alive and rape women and kill mens. Burmans worst then Thai. Thai some of them are bad and some will actually help you not like Burma their goverment and people are mess up.

I sound harsh because I can't stand Lao people talk too much. Especially historian boy who think he know it all. Go reach the Khmer history book because your Lao history book is fake it's only talking about the time Laos rule those land but it doesn't go father back. Your history book been burn by Thais so you write a new one which is fake. Lao people are hard headed. Lao Dik Derk. I won't explain what that mean we Khmer say it everytime when we see Lao people. We don't like ya we really hate Viet we dislike Thai. We been treated bad by all 3 of you.


Lao people are jelous of Thailand everyone knows it. Because both of you are brothers and Laos is the stupid one and Thai is the wealthy one. Lao people are war crazy always have war and Thailand the real good one not Laos. If Lao people were good then would you want anyone country to fall quick. Everyone in this world don't want war but Laos want Thailand to break up. That show how nice and kind Lao people are. Kind from their mouth only but not their true heart. Everyone show emotion during the tsunami hit Thailand but I bet Lao people were happy and probably even throw a party. Lao people are stressed out like hell right now because Thailand will never fall. And if Lao people don't bring up a topic about Thailand for one day they will die that's why Lao always have to bring up a subject about Thailand. And if Thailand did break up and go to war Laos will too. Just like during the Vietnam war when Vietnam went to war and Laos did too. These days it's hard for country to break up when America is the world super power. America will make sure Thailand stay on the map. So that mean Lao people will stress until your country is gone from the map.

You treat Hmong people like s***. The Hmong will kick your ass one day just watch. There are more Hmong in the north then Lao people. And you complain how Thai treat you bad. Look at your sorry ass Lao people how bad they treat the Hmong and don't give me that crap and say Hmong fought against you. They help the American at least they fought for the country unlike Lao people running scared over to Thailand what a loser. You also treat the Kha and Khammu people bad too. One day these 3 tribes will combine and take Laos out of the world map. Treat the Hmong and Kha and Khammu people with respect before you ask for respect from the Thai. You want respect but you dont give respect for the tribes. Lao people are the most selfish son of a bitch in this world. Always want people to treat you good when your dumo ass people don't treat those tribes good.

And always want your country to shine and want others to fall so selfish I can't believe god even created a human being like this. Compare Lao people to Americans, the Americans are way better and good then Lao people. Americans have heart they help everyone around the world. They got soft heart you will always see an American cry when bad stuff happen in this world like the tsunami. Unlike Lao don't help anyone don't have soft heart all Lao people do is complain and wine about the past. Instead of trying to make good relation with your neighbour you want war. That show Lao people got no brain whoever want war instead of peace is stupid. If Laos was the world super power Laos would attack Thailand I know. Because all Lao people care for is revenge instead of moving on when others have. Lao people are stupid period only talk but don't know how to create stuff that will make the world better.

That's why Lao suck at every sports. Every Sea Games Asian Game they get only 1 or 2 gold medals. Because most of their time they spend it on talking about Thai people instead of focusing on something that will make their life better. I bet in your soccer training camp instead of practicing your team talk about Thai people. And Lao people can never move on with their stress out life. Always talking about the slave era. Like that will help with anything in the future why don't you talk about something that will actually help your poor ass country. And you think talking about Thailand make you feel good? Thailand is getting wealthier and all Lao people do is talk some more. Prostitution is a big problem in Thailand but like Thailand is the only one that have that problem. Lao girls are the prostitute. They keep coming over to Thailand and lie to police they got trick. Your freaken big as a damn buffalo and you get trick? If it's true then Lao girls are the stupidiest bimbo alive. Who would keep coming over when like alot Lao girls got trick to prostitution. They must be lack of money that bad to danger themself and cross over.

Lao people remind me of black American's. Because both Lao and black American can't shut their mouth. Black wine about how white treat them bad look down on them. Same as Lao wine to damn much. Black are bum and loser and never finish school and become gangsters. Lao keep crossing to Thailand when they don't even like Thailand because their lack of job in their own country. People look down on both of you because it's your action that make people look down on you. Black like to bring up about the slave era and so do Lao. Black are poor white are rich Laos is poor Thailand is wealthy. Why is the always the poor people who can never move on and can never make peace. Black and Lao act alike think alike wine alike talk about the same stupid subject for 100 years alike. Damn why don't god just make both of you brothers instead of Thailand. Lao people say Thai are bad fake the world dont think so. Stop trying to convince other to join your stressful people and just stay in your own little stressful world. In this world I have never seen or hear anyone so stupid then Lao people. Everyone getting along in this world beside Black Lao and Muslim people who can't seem to live with others in peace.

Your king Anuvong isn't a hero, he war crazy just like Lao people right now. Live in peace for a while and then start a war for no reason that's how stupid Lao people are. Always find a way to start war this time if Laos go to war again Laos will be taken out for good either by Vietnam or by the Hmong Khammu and Kha tribes. Vietnam hate you but you think they like you, your their puppet. They say suck their balls and your government will do it. You can't stand on your own feet but yet you talk s*** about other country. Before you talk s*** tell your government to make Laos rich without western and Asian aid and loan. Your athlete is no where near good, your movie is horrible your songs is lame. I can't find one thing good about your country or your people. No hard feelings.

Your pop songs try to be all high class when your country is not. Your movie is hella boring it's so slow and don't get anywhere all they do is talk just like the real life Lao people. Lao people can't dance for the hell of it. The only country with good songs and movie is Japan China Thailand. 3 country that's why they are the most popular stars in asia. Lao song writters are also horrible at writting songs, even Isaan songs are better and it's the same language well some Isaan like to mix Thai in their songs too. Well Lao songs like to use Thai vocab as well. Wa Gai isn't Lao ,it's Thai teenager new day talk. But why do Lao teenager use it too? It's influence Thai got greater influence on Laos then Laos got in Thailand. That's why Lao understand Thai and Thai don't care about Laos stuff that's why Thai don't give a damn if they understand Lao or not. So stop bragging that your people understand Thai big deal will you win the world golden globe award for it? I maybe sound mean because I am being mean no hard feelings. If you can't be nice toward others then why should we be nice to your people.

People who can't get over the past are brain washed by those stupid no brain communist who just recently made Anouvong the national hero of Laos. They teach new kids to hate everything about Thailand instead of teaching them how to get along with other neighbours. If you ask them Lao people in the village who aren't brain wash by the communist they don't hate Thai. They will ask you what's the reason to hate them. Like Lao language say Sung Kao Het Yung. Yall want Thailand to fall? Here a question how many time have Laos fallen? Like 1 thousand times? And it's mostly by your own Lao people, your own people can't even get along I see why you can't be nice to others when you can't even get along with your own kind.

Why not hate your own people for all those wars your country go to instead pointing finger and talking smack about others. Like how I hate my own people for the million death of Khmer. Khmer killed Khmer during the Vietnam war that stupid and the most stupidiest thing a human can do. 1 war isn't good, 2 your own people kill each other. At least Khmer except the fact that we are bad that's why half our population is gone. Instead of talking about Thailand so much we trying to fix up our country and pretend the thing to happen like the past. Instead of bringing it up maybe Lao people want Thailand to kick your ass and use u as slaves again that's why you keep bringing it up. Cambodia getting alot cash in the country because of trade and export with Thailand. Thailand our #1 trade partner and that's good for our economy unlike Lao people can't shut up and make good relation with them. They did horrible stuff to us too and so what that's our ancester we weren't born then so why should we care. We move on and stop it from repeating again.

If you talk so much about Thai people one day that stupid past of yours will erupt into a war with them and you will be sorry. Cause Laos can't even beat Nepal in a war if you do go to war with Nepal. Nepal is a size of an ant. With the Lao army and those old fashion weapon can't beat Thailand air power and man power. Fight Thailand without Vietnam backing up and Laos will fall in 3 months probably won't even last that long. Vietnam back you up, Cambodia and America will back Thailand up. Cambodia government right now is very close with Thai goverment. The border open without any army standing by it we can cross over and out anytime that's time those Khmer gangs take advantage and sell drugs in Thailand. Sihanouk is good friends with Bumibol and Bumibol did shelter your lost scary prince during the war. Your prince even live in the Thai royal palace for 2 weeks before he left to France. That's how Lao people are when their about to be killed or die they run and get help from someone they don't like. When everything is calm they act like the person that help them didn't do s***. Lao people selfish and arrogant.

You might as well change your religion to Islam because Islam and Lao act alike. Buddhist religion don't fit you because Buddha said don't hate others and let the bad thing that happen go. But Lao can't let it go and live with it until 3,000 years from now Lao people will still be talking about the Anu era. So sad how Lao people can't move foward, America need drop 1 nuclear on your country maybe that will get you out of that stress era of yours. PUAHAHAHAHAAHA. You got anything to say Historian punk bring it on. I show and tell you about my side of the Khmer history Nigga. I am talking to the Lao Boy Know it all who know so much about history that his head is getting big. Nigga bring it on with history. My side of the history is true, yours is fake Sucka.


Let me tell you something Khmer dude. Like I said every Lao of Laos has Khmer blood in them. The Ai Lao from China came and conquer. They gave the people the pride in the Lao identity. The modern day Lao are the Ai Lao mixed with the original occupants of the land. Don't tell me about Khmer history. I know Khmer history. I grew up learning from Khmer sources and raised by Khmer. Some of the sources of my information came from the book of Jayavaraman the 7.

The reason why Lao passed on Khmer folks and legends to our children is because our parents that are Khmer past it down to us. You are one stupidest motherf***** to think that you know your history and not know we have khmer blood. You need to go back to grade schools. Go and eduacate youself before you come and argue with me. What gives you the right to say the land belong to you when we have rights by blood as much as any Khmer you idiot. You always mention about the story of Padeng nang ai. That's not the only story that our Khmer ancestor past down to us. I name some for you stupid boy so you can learn it.

The story of the great general KHUN PAN THE FATHER OF GOOMUN THONG. The story of SI-TONE MANOLA. The story of KHUN THUN AND THE CITY SRISUDONA(sisattanak). The story of PRA HUANG. Those are passed on to use by our Khmer ancestor. The story of si-tone manola is the history of Khmer empire expanding. If we modern day Lao are the people to forget our roots we would not preserve our Khmer roots. We will always bring up history and talk about history. If a man doesn't learn from history, history is bound to repeat itself. We, Lao don't wine about the past but we want the true history to teach our childrens.

True that Lao history are all burnt from Laos during war time. It got burnt from Laos but it did not get burnt in the west. The Portagese, British, French and Italian has always sent back everything that occured in that area when they were present. They were there way before the time of Angkor kingdom of the Khmer. Letting you know the Khmer identiy started when Angkor came to power. Khmer before that did not have khmer identity. I watch a video from Cambodia with my cousin on this. The video was about Khmer history. Let me tell you one thing the scienctist discovered that the Lao Dna been there way before the Khmer. Scientist has it on discovery channel that the aboriginies of Australia has the same dna as the Lao in Laos. They are way beyond ten thousand years when they were in South East Asia.

You are a person with ignorance. You are a person who choose not to listen but just run your mouth. A person that has no knowledge. The reason why Lao cannot rest when it comes to history is because Thai claim things that is not true. Look at the Sukothai kingdom. The Thai say that the Sukothai kingdom is the beginning of Thailand. They say it is a Thai kingdom. The whole world has seen the Sukothai script and language by now. When you campare the Sukothai script it is no difference for the Lao script. How do I know? Because I have many of it. I got it from Thailand. I even seen the ruins of Sukothai. It has Lao script written around it. Even a 7 year old Lao kid can read the Sukothai script. If it is true history of Thai and Thai Kingdom why did the Sukothai kingdom speak Lao the same way the people of Laos is speaking right now. The kingdom of Sukothai kingdom speak Lao and write in Lao but they say its a Thai kingdom. Even the name of their king is Lao. Ramkhamhaeng is a Lao name. I know it's not RamthongRaeng. If it's Thai it would be called Ramthongraeng. If they speak Lao read and write Lao then they are Lao. The people of Sukothai even dress like the Lao.

I don't see Thai of modern day dress like Sukothai but I see people of Luang Prabang dress like it. That's one of the reason why we want to correct history. Thai can never accept that they came from the Lao and that the Lao people are what they called Thai derm. They look down on the Lao but they are of the Lao.

Have you seen the site about international Thai studies? They now admit that Chieng Mai was a Lao state. It was a center of united Lao kingdom. Before they talk s*** about Lao trying to wipe out the Lao identity from Chieng Mai saying Lao are forest people that stinks. They used to say that Lanna has always been a Thai Siamese state. They burnt many history but could not change the names of the Lao king from the Laojakarath. More than 15 kings of Jieng Hai (Chieng Rai) was called Lao. The Lao King Meng is the father of Meng Hai of Jieng Hai. Lao Meng is the name meaning the Lao King Meng (Prajao Lao Meng). We will not rest until all the truth comes out.

Now I'm gonna talk about Khmer. Don't think that Khmer are the first inhabitant of the land. The polynesians were there before. Why you think there ae so many tall bones left in South East Asia. Even in the ruins of Angkor Wat there were big giants hands and feets of a big man that helped built the Angkor Wat. Before the Angkor period of khmer there were the Chenla and Funanese. The Angkor period is the beginning of Khmer identity as unity. Jenla and Funan did not call themselves Khmer even though Khmer people came from them also. Empire rise and fall, before all these kingdom people there were scattered in many of little tribes, individual tribes. Khmer got there identity from the Indians of Galinga. People from Galinga brought the Hindu religion to South East Asia. Even the great kingdom of Srivijaya kings were appointed by Galinga kings.

A book was found in Nakorn Pathom talking about the kingdom of Srivijaya being influence by Galinga. Khmer identity did not exist back then. You think you are better than the Lao. If you are better then the Lao then why did you khmer fight with the champs when you guys used to be the same people. Does that make you better than the Lao now. You fight with the Champs. The Jenla fought with Funan. Jenla kingdom was under Funan. Later Jenla took Funan and made Funan part of Jenla. See there ancient Khmer fought against each other for power. you guys ain't no better. When Lao fight we still preserve our history, even the history of our Khmer side. Don't get smart with me, I have proof. My knowledge is way beyond your understanding. We, Lao are trying to preserve true history and pass it on to younger generation.

We don't need fake history from Thailand that makes up their history. I don't need bulls*** from you that think you know alot about Khmer history. In Laos when we learn from the temple we still use what the people in ancient Srvijaya used 2000 years ago. You can burn paper but you cannot burn stories, songs and teaching from a persons mouth. Don't think your modern Khmer is better than the Lao cause I will make you look stupid. I have proof of Sukothai history relating to the Lao. I have proof of the Lanna kingdom relating to the Lao. I have proof of Khmer histories form the Khmer and international community, you f***ing monkey.


Ramkhamheang doesn't mean anything. That's his name, doesn't mean he is Lao. Ram came out from Rama the dude from the Indian folk story. In english it means Rama the Bold. Lao people don't even mention this dude at all. History dude, modern day Thais don't dress like Sukhothai because it's the new day who the hell will dress like ancient time at this time of a year. Thai these days don't even dress like Ayutthaya age anymore either what's your point. We Khmer don't even dress like the Angkor age. One thing I saw how Sukothai dress the women dress nothing like Luang Prabang. Luang Prabang women like to put their hair up high Sukothai put their hair more like Ayutthaya age and their traditional dress don't even look like Luang people. You think you know it all even know Khmer history when your not even Khmer. Who cares you learn from the temple it don't mean nothing.

And I never said Khmer was better then Lao. It's only you idiot Lao think your people is better then all of us Asian. We Khmer fought so what at least we admit we fought with Chams Mon. You Lao fight each other if your so good like you said why Lao rebel like every new king come up. I am a person with ignorance. Dude your Lao is the ignorant one. Like to talk about other people run your mouth about them alot and not look at your own dirty little idiots you call Lao. You make it sound like all Lao are perfect my ass. I don't run my mouth about anyone until I see someone being ignorant like you and others throwing stuff at Thai saying all them treat people bad and their bad.

Shooo Khmer hate Thai but at least we understand their good and Bad Thai not ignorant hard headed like you Lao. S*** we Khmer we know our people is f*** up too but do you see any Lao admit Lao are f*** up in the head too no they always deny. I know alot Lao people in my hood. They all brag about their kids to everyone they know. But yet their kids are gangster drug dealers and their daughter gets f*** by black dicks night in night out but yet they still brag about them. How can I learn to love Lao when Lao make people disgusted with their attitude. You say Thai act sweet hell Lao act sweet when they know they are sour.

They also like to brag about their cars house money either they are big head or they just wanna brag cause in Laos they don't have nothing to brag about now they in US the got stuff to brag about. You wanna talk about me run my mouth and not listen to others. Look at you talking about Thai and Lao history. Thinking yours is right others is fake your the one with no knowledge and run your mouth alot and not listen to others. Polite people don't talk s*** everyday about others like Lao people. Don't have nothing to do only bring up stupid topic.

Thai is better at least they know how to mind their business. Khmer people go sit under roads highway in Thailand in Surin and beg for money and no Thai have disgrace them or look down on them. But they give them money if their not good they wouldn't give them money they would spit on the ground they sit on. I like to mention Padeang Nang Ai because stupid Lao people like to play that story and say it's Lao story. When I hear it, it makes me sick because it's ours and we don't get credit for it. And the word Kamane is from Lao mouth and Khom means the same thing as Kamane. Khon means dark curly hair people. That's still being rude and stupid which Lao people are just that rude and stupid.

Lao people got nothing. Religion got it from India and influence by us too. Culture got it from us, language stole it from Bali Khmer Mon. Land and People stole from Khmer because our ancester are still around in Laos like the Kha Khammu and Suay. Sukhothai is Khmer before Thai got its independent sorry to say it's not Lao. Jamtayvee is a Mon princess who created Lampun she Khmer ancester. Chieng Mai isn't Thai, I been knowing dumbo. But Chieng Mai alliance with the Thai to kick out the Burmans ever since then they stay with Thailand. And these days I don't think Chieng Mai or Isaan wants anything to do with being Lao. If they did they would of rebel along time ago. They still speak Lao but doesn't mean they want to be Lao. They seem happy being Thai. They get to sing make movie make baht money. They go with Laos what they get? Kip Money unpopular movies unpopular songs can't do what they want. Lao who left Laos during the Vietnam war who still live in Isaan they also don't want to go back. If Thai was mean against Laos would thet jackass ANANDA AVERINGHAM who is mix Aussie Lao will ever get a chance to make movie in Thailand? They even let him be the leading actor if they hated Lao he would be just a bag boy who carry their bag.

And I just finish the news Thai entertainment bz call Kantana just open a Mobile company phone in Laos. If Thai hated Lao that bad they wouldn't open s*** in Laos and leave Laos poor as it is. They even give loans even help built stuff. Vientiane got electricity because of them they pay for the Nam Ngum dam without that Vientiane have no power. Railroad tracks that's being built all Thai baht no Lao kip.

You will not rest until the truth comes out huh? You can die trying because people these day don't give a s*** about history no more maybe only you. You must be really lonely to be siting there trying to get all the clues out from this history. Must not have a happy life being you. History is dead no one cares dig it out and people will just say OH! that's it you expect them to say oh really damn the Thais lie. You wish people these days like to have fun party they don't give a rats ass about something that happen thousands of years ago. Why should they? They weren't born then. And digging these history out what will it get you? Nothing, will it win you an award? Will you win prize money? Your stressing yourself out about something that is worthless. You see the Native American digging any s*** out from America history? No because they are smart people they let the past die only stupid one live in the past. These the the people who can't seem to move on from the past. LAO, CHINESE, BLACK, AMERICAN, MUSLIMS. and all yall act alike too, racist hate people for something that happen hundreds of years ago.

Hating people who are living today is wrong because they got nothing to do with it. If your buddhist you would understand but Lao people don't they are buddhist but they don't follow the teaching sad. Chinese can't get over about world war 2 when everyone else has. Lao can't get over Anu Era when Thai don't care about it no more. Thai don't care about Burma who burnt down their city in Ayutthaya no more. Oh yea about Khun Pan Gumantong father. That happen during Ayutthaya era Khmer know nothing about that story. Just like Mae Nak story it happen during Rattanakosin era. You wanna past on your history why? So that younger Lao generation can be racist ignorant arrogant like the Lao right now? Learn to hate people because of stupid stuff in the past? And see how you Lao are talk and then when you cant win a talk or can't stand the truth bad words come out of your mouth I seen alot Lao like that cuss when they can't handle the pressure your people are so kind. I never cuss when I wrote stuff in here I keep my cool because I am not Lao.

But since you call me a f****** monkey over this then your a f***en c*** sucker. How many Vietnamese c*** have you and your Lao suck on lately? Their your boss, your their bitch. 5555555555555555555! You ask for, it if you were nice I will be nice but you decided to take it to a new level so lets do it. And I dont think the webmaster open this new forum for a monkey no good foul mouth jackass like you to come in here and cuss at people. I came in here to talk history but you wanted to be racist so I turn racist too. If Ki happen to close this forum it's all on your head you Lao Dik Derk history boy. Next time be nice or else I can be more rude then what I am now but I don't think the webmaster wants that. So webmaster tell your boyfriend history boy there to be more polite and I will too.


You said that Khmer don't wine about Thai people. You are wrong Khmer people hate Thai people with a passsion. I want you to go to a Khmer site. You will find out the truth. They almost went to war with Thai because thai was claiming Angkor Wat. Remember the incident of the Thai embassy in Cambodia. That almost started a war.

Thai tries to claim every thing as theirs. You will always be on the Thai side cause your girlfriend or wife is Thai. Anyways did you marry yet? Go to a Khmer site and you will see how much wine and hate Khmer has for Thai. More than the Lao does my friend. When Lao hates or are angry at a Thai, we still see them as our family and people. That is something we cannot deny. We will always know they are the same people as us. So don't say that Khmer forgotten what happen to them. You do not know how they feel, the way they got beat in the refugee camp, they will always remember.

You said Sukothaya has nothing to do with the Lao. King Fa Ngum is the grandson of Ramkhamhaeng of Sukothai. Like I said before if Sukothai is a Thai state then why did the kingdom speak Lao. Ramkhamhaeng made everybody that is in his kingdom that comes to his court speak Lao. The book THAILAND A SHORT HISTORY by David Wyatt document that Fa Ngum is the grandson of Ramkhamhaeng. It also said that the kingdom of Sukothai speaks LAO. I have many of the copies from the kingdom of Sukothai writing, it is the same as the Vieng Chan script 200 years ago. The Vieng Chan script 200 years ago is not much different from modern day. I even let my 7 year old cousin read it and she read it without a problem. She understands everything in that writing clearly. I bet you if a full grown Thai man from central Thailand tries to read it he wouldn't be able to unless he learn how to read Lao. Even if he learnt Lao script he would not understand the language cause most central Thai cannot undersatand Lao. They can't speak it.

Rama was the name of King Sri Intadiths son. Sri Intadaith came from Muang Puan Xieng khuang. His religion was Sasana Thaen (spirit worshiping). He prayed to the spirit of the cave at his home to help him fight a war against the Khmer overlordship. A Tai Puan is a Lao. There were vast population of Tai Puan taken as slaves to central Thailand after Anouvong war. When Sri Intadith lost a war against the mon rebellion, Rama the son of Sri Intadith fought back. So the people called him Rama khamhaeng. Rama is from the hindu religion, as in the book of Ramayana. Rama in the hindu religion was a god that was born as a human. Well you said rama means bold. You are wrong. Rama does not mean bold. The word Khamhaeng means precious strength, precious power, precious energy, or precious bold. It is a Lao word. Thai word word for haeng would be RAENG. The people of Sukothai name rama, RAMKHAMHAENG because he was a strong person, a powerful person, a person that is bold. Rama the bold came from the name Rama khamhaeng, that is why he is Ramkhamhaeng. If it was a truely a Thai kingdom he would be called Ramathongraeng and the kingdom would not speak Lao, they would speak Thai. So don't tell me rama means bold. Haeng means bold in Lao if you refer to a person. A person that is haeng is bold, strong or have alot of strength. You said it is not mention in the Lao history. It is not mention in Lan Xang period but Lao history will always talk about him.

Thai burnt down many things but they can't burn down everything. That is my evidence. What is your proof that you say its Thai. Webmaster, you should start a forum where I can post my evidence so I can slap this idot with the proof. Evidence in pictures of ruins writings and ways of dressing. Also forgot to mention. There are many ways of dressing culturally in Laos. You must be blind if you look at Luang Prabang when they do parades. You see the way they dress with the capes and the metal things on their heads. That is Sukothai. Ayutthaya doesn't do that with the capes in the back. Also Ayutthaya fought with Sukothai many times. Even Chieng Mai helped Sukothai fight Ayutthaya.

You call me a racist. You are a racist. You are racist to blacks. You talking all this s*** about black people saying Lao girls are bad and sluts for f***ing a black guy. Who cares who they f*** that is their buisiness. If they like f***ing, let them f***. That's their life not yours. You like Thai girls that's why you are with one. They like black guys, I see nothing wrong with that. That makes you a racist for talking s*** and hating black people. You call me a racist for calling you names. I not stupid to sit here and read about you insulting Lao people talking s*** calling Lao people names. You are sitting here making up fake history cause you getting married to a Thai wife. You even said that Khmer took Lao as slaves from Dien Bien Fu to the central of modern day Thailand in the time of Khun Borom. That's when Khmer fought Dien Bien Fu. You are wrong . Khmer took Lao as slaves long after his time. Those Lao are also the ancestors of your girlfriend the central Thai. You talking s*** about Lao girls getting kidnapped to Thailand and becomming a prostitute when in the last forum you said your cousin got kidnapped and became a prostitute in Thailand. Go and talk s*** about your cousin not other Lao people you idiot. People like you talk too much s*** and can't back anything that you say up.


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