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This is the place to come to read some of the e-mails that our visitors have sent in.

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       I have met Lao people that came here because of the reasons I have talked about. People run away because their family is killed by soldiers, or they are beaten by soldiers or nobody will give them a job, because they are gay, or Hmong, or don't like the government.

A friend saw a Hmong 'human rights worker' shot to death in Nong Khai. Two Lao people who were bringing supplies for the poor in Laos were gunned down at a temple near Nong Khai.

People here who want to help Laos are usually in danger of being killed. Thai people and politicians do not have any reason to kill people working for Laos. Only the Lao government would want them to shut up.

Naturally, everyone thinks the Lao Government ordered those people killed.


There are Hmong people working for the Lao government and operating small businesses in Laos, this is evident that Hmong people are accepted and treated equally in modern day Lao society.

Secondly, one of my relative is currently employed in the Lao army and he hasn't killed anybody or aware of any killings. Lao soldiers don't just go around killing innocent people including the Hmong. We have laws in Laos, people can't be killed unless they are found guilty and sentenced to death in a court of law. If people do something unlawful and they try to run away then obviously they will be shot, just like soldiers and police will do in any country.

I don't think the Lao government is involved in the killing of the Hmong person in Nong Khai. The Thais are responsible for crimes that happen in their own country and they shouldn't shift the blame on others. People are always in danger of being killed in Thailand whether it's a human rights worker wanting to help Laos, a young Lao person doing their business in trying to make a living or a tourist enjoying a few drinks at the bar. Sadly, people get murdered, injured and kidnapped all the time in Thailand by Thai thugs and gang communities and these crimes have no connection with any government.


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