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This is the place to come to read some of the e-mails that our visitors have sent in.

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       You said Lao give Thailand money for tsunami even though it's not much but it's the heart that counts and that's the Lao way? Big deal wow Laos give Thailand money one time. Why don't you talk about how many time Thailand loan Laos money and built stuff in Laos and open up business there. I know there alot Thai business mens there. Thailand give Laos money and that's not from their heart? And Thai is selfish would they give Laos loans? They would give it to someone else. Lao people like you likes to talk about only the good stuff about Laos like the tsunami money but talk about the bad about Thailand how fair is that?

Thailand did alot good things for Laos and I don't see Lao people talk about it your people the real selfish one. Thailand need bring back its business and close its border with Laos maybe that teach your people a lesson to bad mouth alot. Like I said Thai give more money to Laos then Laos ever give Thailand. Laos owe more to Thailand and Thailand hardly owe Laos anything. Laos owe Thailand for the refugee camps, the Nam Ngum dam, the Lao workers who cross over to work, the goverment loans. And you still say their selfish?

I think your selfish for not talking about the good stuff they have done for your country and people. They did bad stuff to you before but now they actually helping your country and that's still not enough? If it's not then why don't yall just go drown yourself.

Hmong couldn't kick your ass because America pull out to soon. If America stay Vietnam wouldn't fallen and Cambodia wouldn't fallen. But they pull out because the protest and the tribes in asia they didn't know who was the enemy who was not. And to many protest in America for the troops to return and the American just got out of the cold war and continue in in Vietnam. You think Laos a tiny ass country can stand 1 day with America? I dont think so.

America well train high tech weapon and they can bomb your ass just by shooting missiles from the China Sea without even stepping foot in Laos. They pull out didn't mean you beat them they pull out on their own time. Laos can't beat anyone in a war. As if Laos would fight Hmong 1 on 1 Lao people don't have the brain to win any fight they always get help from other country especially help from Vietnam. It was the Vietcong who won the war not Lao people. Because they over run your ass it's true Laos communist won against the royal lao but they lost to the Vietcong because their a puppet to the Vietcong. Victory goes to the Vietnamese they won in Cambodia and Laos. Lao people do jack to win the war.

If Vietcong didn't help Lao would be beaten by the Hmong and American. The Hmong were the one fighting more then the royal Lao to begin with. Lao people are wuss when it comes to war they run and hide and let the tribes do their dirty laundry. They start the war and then let someone else clean it up. Lao people are wuss that's why in Laos history they been conquer by alot countries because their a wuss and their scared to fight. They start war but when war gets heavy they run and hide and become throw in the white towel to save themself and live under other people rule. Even though you deny Laos is a Vietnam Puppet everyone knows it. Let Laos declare democracy and the end of communist you will see a missile flying across from Vietnam in a heart beat.


The tsunami fund that Laos gave to Thailand is for free. Thailand give loans to Laos but we have to pay them back with interest, so the Thais are actually making money by providing us with the loan. Think of it like a bank loan. Japan and Singapore provides more donations/charities to Laos than Thailand anyway. I agree that Thailand has done alot of good things for Laos, but Laos has also done alot of good things for Thailand, so it's not just one way traffic.

Vietnam helped Laos during the war, but what country can fight wars on their own? Even a powerful country like America needs to have allies, no country in this world can go to war and win it without the support from other countries.


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